Sample Essay on Narcoterrorism

Belaunde Terry, the president of Peru coined the term «narcoterrorism» in 1983. The term was used to describe attacks against police by cocaine traffickers who suspected Sendero Luminoso, the Maoist rebel group had stricken common ground with the traffickers.

From that time, the term has been used for purposes of describing violence by producers of drugs to extort government political concessions. One of the best and famous examples can be traced to the 80s and it was carried out by the head of Medellin drug cartel, Pablo Escobar in the form of bombings, hijackings and assassinations against the Colombia government. He wanted Colombia to revise its extradition treaty which it did eventually.
Narcotics traffickers use intimidation and violence to influence the society or government so it can change its policies. In this manner, they are able to hinder anti-drug laws enforcement through systematic threats.

Narcoterrorism is now a term that draws controversy mainly because of its use in discussion of United States stance on violent opposition to the war against drugs. The term is now increasingly used to describe known terrorist organizations engaging in trafficking of drugs to fund trafficking operations and gain expertise and recruits. Some of these organizations include AUC in Colombia, Hamas, FARC, Taliban, ELN and PCP-SL in Peru.
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The United States in 2000 started funding and continued Plan Colombia under the administration of Bush with the intention of eradicating drug crops and also acting against those drug lords accused of participating in narcoterrorism.

This included the leaders AUC paramilitary and Marxist FARC forces. To date, the United States government is still finding campaigns for drug eradication on the large scale and also supporting military operations in Colombia that seek to extradite drug commanders. Latin America is widely known as the narcoterrorism birthplace as such, the region is more synonymous with the word.

Latin America groups known to use narcoterrorism are subject to public policy related to drugs in an effort to eradicate drugs. This campaign though has proven to be unsuccessful since these groups are yet to be eradicated and the intervention of external factors has not helped.

The term is also used to describe groups that with political intentions which support or engage in drug trafficking for purposes of funding their activities. Speculations indicate that Al Qaeda deals in drug trafficking to fund its activities but a Commission report indicated that while the Taliban engages in narcoterrorism, there is no proof that Al Qaeda does. Critics of drugs prohibition also argue that it is the prohibition that funds narcoterrorism.

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